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Brother Chael

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PostSubject: Brother Chael   Brother Chael Icon_minitimeThu Feb 19, 2009 7:32 am

Click on this link to see the Screenies. My Photo's Posted these a while ago. Some of the screenies i took 2 years ago.

Here are the Descriptions: (From left to right)

1. Cool Photo of the statue, that as you get closer to it in game, it falls over. Crystal Desert: The Arid Sea

2. Over looking the Shiverpeaks i am standing right on top of Anvil rock. Shiverpeak Mts: Anvil Rock

3. Mmmm Fire ^.^ Watching the Lava effects. Ring of Fire Islands: Perdtion Rock

4. Follow the rabbit into this "tranquil" cave. Northern Shiverpeaks: Drakkar Lake

5. Nice angle of the wolf shrine, caves west of Sifhalla. Northern Shiverpeaks: Drakkar Lake

6. Finished meal in the wolf caves west of Longeyes Ledge. Northern Shiverpeaks: Bjora Marches

7. Decaying patch, some nice effects by ANet here kudo's to them. Northern Shiverpeaks: Varajar Fells

8. Olafstead perched atop the hill, what a place to live Eh? Northern Shiverpeaks: Varajar Fells

9. Scenic view looking down the jungle path. Maguuma Jungle: Alcazia Tangle

10. Cant fully recall where, looks atmospheric anyways. I'll have a guess. Vloxen Excavations Dungeon: Verdant Cascades

11. The dungeon boss' lair i gave him a good beating. Catacombs of Kathandrax Dungeon: Sacnoth Valley

12. Water falls from the springs further up the mountains. Charr Territory: Grothmar Wardowns

13. A very deep icy chasm. Destruction Depths Mission: Battledepths

14. Tree Canopy overlooking a mysterious sapling. Ventari's Refuge: Arbor Bay

15. Another View from where the sapling lies, looking upstream. Ventari's Refuge: Arbor Bay

16. Dwarven Ship at the docks. Southern Shiverpeaks: Port Sledge

17. Small oasis i found whilst travelling to Thirsty River. Crystal Desert: The Scar

18. Rock formations outside of Destiny's Gorge outpost. Crystal Desert: The Scar

19. Overlooking Destiny's Gorge outpost from the outside. Crystal Desert: The Scar
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Brother Chael
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