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 The Manifesto

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The Manifesto Empty
PostSubject: The Manifesto   The Manifesto Icon_minitimeTue Feb 17, 2009 1:38 pm

This is to remind us why we like to play this game and is at the same time a quest to find what gives life to the GW univerce. That piece of soul the game's creators have left behind to remind os that all we see is, after all, a creation of human imagination. Search it... find it... make a picture of it... no matter what it looks like. It may be some scenery or a lost vilage in the mountains or even 2(or more) npcs fighting to the death. IT IS OUT THERE FOR YOU...

1.take a running build if you have one
2.go scouting for the perfect photo
3.take a full party and clear the area if you need to
4.press ctrl+shift+H
5.zoom in to the max if you want ur caracter out of the way
6.take the screenshot
7.publish it here according to the rules via www.servimg.com or any other site
8.enjoy the album we will all make at the end

1.make your separate tread with your name as a title
(this makes organising easyer)
2.each picture mush have a short description of what there is to see and where it was taken
3.u can submit as many as you whant as long as you follow rule no#2
4.after a while we will close the treads, asemble a jury, name the winner and create the album
5.keep an eye on this post as any changes in the contest concept will show up here
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The Manifesto
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